Friday, February 21, 2014

I Wish | Sunday 2nd March 2014 7.30pm

I Wish (Kiseki)

Sunday 2nd March 2014 7.30pm

Director: | 2012 | Japan | 128 mins | PG

I Wish was released without fanfare in the midst of Oscar season. It came tip-toeing in from the sidelines to spin a tale of everyday magic and remind us that miracles can happen, if we can only be bothered to put ourselves in their path. It was the year's most purely joyous picture, dappled with warmth and wit and mystery. If it passed you by, you've got a treat in store.
 Review:   GUARDIAN

Twelve-year-old Koichi lives with his mother and retired grandparents in Kagoshima, in the southern region of Kyushu, Japan. His younger brother Ryunosuke lives with their father in Hakata, northern Kyushu. The brothers have been separated by their parents' divorce and Koichi's only wish is for his family to be reunited. When he learns that a new bullet train line will soon open, linking the two towns, he starts to believe that a miracle will take place the moment these new trains first pass each other at top speed. With help from the adults around him, Koichi sets out on a journey with a group of friends, each hoping to witness a miracle that will improve their difficult lives.
 Review:   ROTTEN TOMATOES (C) Magnolia


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