Sunday, April 28, 2013

Monsieur Lazhar | Saturday 4 May 2013

Monsieur Lazhar

Saturday 4th May 2013 at 7.30pm

Dir. Philippe Falardeau | 2012 | English | 94 mins | PG

Only the most obstreperous delinquent could fail to be charmed by Monsieur Lazhar, in which an Algerian refugee plays ramshackle Mary Poppins to the kids at a Montreal primary. This sweet, soulful drama plays out to the scrape of desks and the echo of voices, and showcases a glorious performance from Mohamed Fellag as the substitute teacher who is not quite what he claims. Lazhar gatecrashes the school in the wake of a tragedy. He flounders, he flourishes and is eventually found out. There is just time to deliver one final, moving life lesson before the bell sounds, and the past rolls in to claim him.
  Review:  Gruaniad


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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dawn chorus guided walk

A 2 hour dawn chorus guided walk was held on Saturday 27th April 2013. 

View this photo on the BBC Wales website.
The free walk organised and led by ornithologist Chris Blakeley attracted around 20 people despite the rain and start time of 5am.

Chris helped people locate, listen to and watch a variety of birds singing in a mixture of habitats including farmland, deciduous and coniferous woodland and scrub.

At the end of the walk Nicola organised a fried breakfast for walkers in the village hall. Many thanks to Chris and Nicola for a great event.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Carnage | Saturday 6th April 2013


Saturday 6th April 2013 at 7.30pm

Dir. Roman Polanski | 2011 | English | 80 mins | Cert. 15

Carnage is a film about four people who hate each other and are unable to leave the room. Sometimes they make it far as the door and once or twice to the lift, though on each occasion they are pulled back by the unfinished business of their exquisite loathing and bitter contempt. With this stealthy adaptation of the Yasmina Reza stage play, director Roman Polanski has rustled up a pitch-black farce of the charmless bourgeoisie that is indulgent, actorly and so unbearably tense I found myself gulping for air and praying for release. Hang on to your armrest and break out the scotch. These people are about to go off like Roman candles.
  Review:  Gruaniad


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