Sunday, October 28, 2012

New 2013 Appleton calendar

Blondes and Brunettes of Appleton

The calendar has been produced by Janet Hayton with support from Steve Smith at HPE Print Ltd (Pickering). Design and artwork
provided by Henry Iles.

A big thanks to the following villagers and their animals for joining in:

Jo and James – Oscar
Sue and Gary – Ziggie and Tig
Ann – May
Katrina and John – Tres Amigos
Gill and Andy – Maggie
Jacki and Roy – Alfie and Izzie
Nicky and Jacqui – Archie
Sylvia and Andrew – Pusjkin
Lori and Lizzie – Teddy and Fizz
Alison and Paul – The Ladies
Lindsey and Mark - Layla

All proceeds go to Ryedale Special Families who are a brilliant ‘grass roots’ local charity based in Malton.

To purchase copies please call 01751 417 631
or email RRP £4.00