Thursday, May 31, 2012

Film 3rd June 2012 (afs)

The Peddler (El ambulante)

7pm Sunday 3rd June 2012

Dir. Daniel Burmeister / 2010 / Spanish - subtitle | 84 mins |Cert. U

Daniel Burmeister is the most prolific Argentinian filmmaker you've never heard of. Armed with a camera, a lamp for night shoots, and enough charm to persuade entire towns to join in on his dreams, this tireless, jolly DIY veteran rolls in his beat up old car from one backwater Argentine town to another, where, in exchange for room and board, he turns out a feature film in 30 days. From the first call of "Action" to the "world" premiere of each village production, The Peddler is a delightful documentary valentine to the magic of movie making.
  Los Angeles Film Festival / IMDB  

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