Monday, August 29, 2011

Film: Made in Dagenham | Sunday 4 Sept

Film still from Made in Dagenham
Made in Dagenham
7pm Sunday 4th September 2011 / View flyer

Dir. Nigel Cole / 2010 / Lang: English / 113 mins / Rated: 15

Produced by heavyweight Stephen Woolley and headlined by Sally Hawkins and Bob Hoskins, this period docudrama brings to life a pivotal event from British history. In 1968, women's rights took a broad leap forward when workers at the Ford Dagenham automobile plant. Buckling beneath deplorable working conditions, rightly perceived as gender discrimination, the female workforce suddenly stormed out into the streets and began to strike in protest of their unfair treatment. Little could they have foreseen the ramifications that this courageous and noble act would engender in successive years.
Review: Nathan Souther/Rotten Tomatoes

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