Thursday, January 06, 2011

Thanks to everyone!!

This information has been taken from a leaflet delivered to all living in Appleton and Spaunton. (download the leaflet here)

7 years ago
When the Reading Room was brought back from terminal decline we needed help with things like wiring, flooring, painting, blinds, joinery, roofing, seating, heavy lifting, fund-raising and the stove. Thanks for all their work to Alistair Barker, Anne Taylor, David Hall, Geoff Hutchinson, Janet Hayton, John and Anne Creighton, John Marsden, Richard Hardisty, Roy and John Milestone.

The reading Room now needs help with the accounts, fund-raising and repairs. Thanks for this ongoing assistance to Anne Taylor, Janet Hayton, Jim Hall, John Creighton, Les Edwards, Maggie Tebb, Nicola Oldroyd, Richard Hardisty and Terry Sunderland.

Thanks to and all those who continue to hire and use the room including the Appleton Film Society, Appleton Book Club, Graham’s Jazz club, The Parish Council, The Ladies Musical Appreciation Society and Woodland walks.

Our funders
Thanks to the organisations that have funded us including the North York Moors National Park, BFFS and UK Film Council.

Thanks to anyone that we’ve missed out!